What Decides the Earnings of a Corporate Trainer?

Becoming a successful corporate trainer can be a challenging task without the right guidance. While there are many trainers and training companies, there are only a few who are able to achieve excellence. This depends on various factors as will be discussed in this article. This article also speaks for an important but less talked about topic- the earnings of corporate trainers in various fields.


Earnings of a Corporate Trainer

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If you are looking to join a training company and become a trainer as an employee, your starting salary may be anywhere from 25k to 55k depending on your experience and the training company’s turnover.

However, if you are looking to become a freelance trainer, your earnings will first be decided by your domain, that is, if you are into non-technical or technical training.

Non-Technical Training:

As a non-technical trainer, your earnings will greatly differ depending on your targeted professional group. The earnings will gradually increase from recruits to managerial levels to CEO or CFO position.

You may compare what others are charging for various non-technical trainings here:

  1. Soft Skills
  2. Leadership
  3. Behavioural training

Technical Training:

As a technical trainer, the earnings again vary on the type of training you conduct.

You may compare what others are charging for various technical trainings here:

  1.  AWS
  2.  Big Data
  3.  Hadoop
  4.  Java
  5.  Oracle


Earnings and success of a trainer also depend on the location the trainer is based in and the demand for the kind of training he or she is offering. For example, Bangalore is a hub for technical training in general and IT training in particular. So is NCR. Therefore the chances to earn more for a technical trainer is greater in these Locations. However, Mumbai requires non-technical trainings more, particularly Leadership and management trainings. And therefore offers a better opportunity for non-technical trainers.


Like most professions, a trainer becomes more successful and earns more as he gains experience and more clients. Ultimately, with all other factors, experience establishes credibility to your career as a corporate trainer. Along with skills, your experience can be your strongest selling point here. Therefore trainers with more work experience will earn more as compared to the ones starting fresh. As your experience increases, so will your earnings.

Communication and Engagement:

Even if you are a fresher in corporate training but are well versed and a great communicator, it is an added benefit to any types of training you conduct. Many times even those with a lot of experience lack the ability to translate it while teaching. There might be great speakers with low experiences as well. The idea is to be an excellent speaker and let your experience do wonders as years pass by. It is essential to be a good speaker and a good teacher, along with being experienced within the domain.


Lastly, be different. In this world full of noises be a song. Many times there might be an audience that is difficult or someone sitting who knows much more than you. The key is to not be insecure and have a  strong personality, one that is respected and demands the attention of everyone alike. Standing out as a trainer is what will make people talk about that one person they met years ago who had immense knowledge, and the charm to hold the crowd’s attention.

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