Reasons Why Companies Hesitate To Train Their Employees

When was the last time your company hired a corporate trainer? Or enrolled you or your colleague in a training program? Your answer would probably be, “It has been a long time,” or worse, “Never.” There are many reasons why companies don’t train their employees. Here we have tried to list a few:

Training Takes A Lot Of Time

In a survey done recently, 40 percent of companies cite time as an issue to train their employees. Employee training takes time. Time that can rather be spent on getting the work done. Sparing a month’s work to educate employees is a big gamble. A gamble that only a few are willing to take.

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Training Is Expensive

Whether the company hires a trainer or enrols its employees in different training programs, it’s going to cost money. Spending this Money that can preferably be spent on various marketing campaigns, is a risk. Companies would rather deal with skill gaps than invaluable and unresourceful spendings.

Fear Of Ineffective Training

About 8 percent of corporate organisations cite fear of ineffective training as a reason to not train their employees. Ineffectiveness can mean anything from employees not utilising the training to lack of qualified trainers. For such purposes, some companies feel training can be a waste.


There are countless other reasons for why companies won’t train their employees, many of them are personal and can change from company to company, others are a more general. We have tried to guess a few:

Uninterested employees: Employees may be reluctant to learn from training provided to them and show a “know it all” behaviour. This might leave company leaders to feel less than motivated to enrol their employees in a training program.

Training is only for large enterprises: While this is not true, many small companies feel that training is just for larger organisations and of no use for them.

“What if we train them and they leave?” :  A lot of companies worry that after spending all the time and money on their employees, what if they leave? But as the response goes, “What if we don’t train them, and they stay?”

Leading Companies Think Differently

Successful companies like TATA enterprises, Coca-Cola, Apple Inc. etc., never gave excuses when it came to developing and improving the work of their employees. Finding a competent trainer, one that never fails to deliver time and again the proof of his knowledge, is now easier than ever. Connecting with trainers can be done online through websites like Qtrainers. A recent study showed that employee training is a sign of functional economic activity and a trusted employee development insight, attracts investors.

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