How to own your work?

How to not be assigned but own your work?

At the peak of her career, one of my friends joined this renowned company and set herself in gear for all the fantastic work she planned out to do. What she soon realised that the working habits of that company were quite different. No one did anything until and unless they were told to. So everyone spent their time procrastinating unless someone gave them some work and would ask it to be submitted almost immediately. The bosses were very harsh as they presumably thought that their employees would only work if they were told and pushed to do so. Unaccustomed to this, my friend would do things before she was asked to do so and would always handover her work before the deadline. This was a shock to all her peers. Seeing her, they all slowly started to do the same.

It was a change that the company wasn’t accustomed to. The employers were surprised at all the work turning up before time, and employee meetings became a fun place full of ideas exploding out of creative minds. You see, the bosses were so used to with pushing their employees to work that they didn’t accept them to do anything but. Had they given the employees a list of things they require, without an impending deadline of a few hours, the employees would already have been much more productive and would have turned up with great ideas as they had more time to think on the subject.

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Your work is your domain. Own it. Don’t wait until that deadline or that new project. Ask ahead of time what is required and start working. Work without anyone having to tell you to do so. Establish your area of expertise and be your own boss. Your work should matter to you. It shouldn’t be a liability but rather something you enjoy doing.

Once at the workplace, be a learner. Don’t be shy to admit not knowing something, or better yet, improve on the things you feel you lack, in your free time.

Ask relevant questions which are essential to your work, without any hesitation. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to disagree. If you think that the idea is not right or won’t be as effective speak out your concerns. If you feel there is something better that can be done, voice out your thoughts. Your ideas might get rejected nine out of ten times, but it’s only that one time that your opinion worked wonders that counts.

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