How to Remain Self Motivated at your Workplace?

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Remember your first day at work? I bet like most people you were excited. You did a little extra research. You appeared with your well-ironed dress and a put together appearance, eager to work. You probably made notes of all the things being said to you. You studied the company and the job and took up all the responsibilities.

Flash forward to working two years in the same office, and everything has changed. You are not excited to work like you were before. Your appearance is ordinary or worse. You didn’t do any extra research on your new assignments, and sure are not making any notes on the things being said to you right now.

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So what changed? The most common answer to this is, “it’s a routine now.” We come to the office every day, we work every day, and we go home after finishing our work, every day. We definitely can’t keep the same energy and enthusiasm as the first day because now it’s a pattern of the same day repeating again and again.

Most people are enthusiastic and motivated to start their career and start working in the best places possible and to make a difference. Remember how in college we would talk with our friends about how we can bring a change by making a difference through our careers, no matter how insignificant it might feel to others?

But when we actually start our careers, we lose this motivation and give excuses for not being so energetic because work is just another routine now.

We not only forget our aims but also our power and passion for making a difference. We begin to undermine our knowledge and our uniqueness. Therefore we try to blend in the background, camouflage our presence to that of any furniture.

This is not only very heartbreaking but also a pure waste of talent. As previously told, the entire purpose of working should be personal and professional development. It should be the development of your knowledge and skills. It should be the development that grants you inner satisfaction with your work.

So how do you achieve this difficult yet paramount fulfilment? first, start by not thinking of your job as a routine. Think of it as a ladder. Your steps on this ladder must be firm and accurate, or you might falter and fall. Every day that you spend working is every day climbing that ladder to reach higher. Taking you one step closer to your aims.

Being self-motivated is a choice. We all have hurdles and bad days at work. But we can always take a deep breath, roll up your sleeves and get to work. Sometimes we are also dealing with grave situations in our personal life that affects our professional life. Those times can be very crucial in terms of losing motivation. A good tip for those times is to put on your favourite dress or your favourite suit and enter the office just like it is your best day. When you look good, you feel good.

After all, why do we fall? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.

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