How to Become a Successful Corporate Trainer?

Being a corporate trainer can be a challenging task, being a successful one at that can be more so. There are trainers in every nook and corner, so what is it that makes you stand out? As the saying goes, “You will never influence the world by being just like it.”

Here are some tips to follow to become a successful corporate trainer:

Why do you want to be a trainer?

Know why you want to become a trainer. Is it something you want to do just because you are fascinated by the idea of becoming a trainer or is it genuinely a field of your interest.

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As clichéd as it may sound, it is none the less true that you need to be passionate about being a trainer. More than anything, you should love teaching, being a leader and helping people around you, develop.

How to Become a Successful Corporate Trainer?

Define what kind of trainer you want to become.

Have a clear picture in your head on what domain you want to conduct trainings. Identify what kind of trainings you are best at like like ITTechnical, or Soft Skills. Again, analyse if you are truly knowledgeable in your field.

Research on what kind of topics are covered under those kinds of training.

Doing thorough research on your topics is extremely important. Whatever career one plans to start, it is always essential to conduct research, more so before becoming a freelance trainer. Research if you are up to date on your field knowledge, requirements of the topic by companies, compare what others are charging and the location where the topic is essential. For example, Bangalore is a hub for technical training in general and IT training in particular. So is NCR. Therefore the chances to grow more for a technical trainer are greater in these Locations. Mumbai requires non-technical trainings more, particularly Leadership and management trainings. And therefore offers a better opportunity for non-technical trainers.

Speak to relevant trainers conducting similar types of training.

You may have an idea about what are the things to be covered under your domain, but it can never be as accurate as someone who is working in the field for over 15 to 20 years. Speak to trainers ( Asif Basra, Vishal Thakkar, N K Sundaram, Amit Gupta, Mihir Koltharkar) who can guide you in the field of corporate trainings in general and your interest areas in particular.

Attend Trainings.

Becoming a trainer does not exclude you from attending trainings yourself. Attend various kinds of trainings catering to your field to learn what approach is being used by others and what’s the best one for you.

Select your target audience and the best approach to it.

Your target age group depends largely on your experience in your field or as a trainer. For a beginner, starting with training recruits is not a bad idea, but people at managerial levels will be less keen to listen to you as they believe they have much more experience under their tags. Once you are experienced to garner their attention, you may train CEOs and COOs as well.

Be an excellent communicator.

To be a trainer you need to be an extrovert. You must be someone who loves giving speeches, who enjoys talking to people and is full of energy as and when required. You must be ready to be pumped up and excited no matter what’s going on in your private life.

Don’t look to work as a trainer just for the sake of having a job. Ultimately, the outcome of any training is to drive better work and output from the employees. And to become someone who drives this energy of passion and dedication for their jobs, you need to be passionate and dedicated to yours.

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