How to Find an Effective Corporate Trainer?

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The internet is filled with an abundance of information, but they are still inadequate when it comes to the corporate training industry. In fact, there is more misinformation, than reliable data. Companies are nearly never well informed about the trainers they may hire to train their employees. Companies are also forced to establish personal contacts with middlemen that may or may not be genuine in providing with a competent trainer. They also have to spend time on various social media networking sites just to gain information on the trainers, provided not so professionally. To reduce this amount of research and hiring, organisations pay various corporate training companies to connect them to effective trainers. This adds an extra step to the process, a middleman, and loss of valuable time and money.

Inadequate information about the trainer may lead to the wrong choice of trainer, company’s loss of money, wastage of time, bad results, loss of employee etc. This can lead to an added pressure on the recruiting and training department, and the organization as a whole.

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Not to mention the fact that there might be some of the best trainers with skills you value, right under your nose. The talents of these brilliant trainers going in waste, unnoticed.

So what is the practical solution to this problem? The simple answer is to have a professional platform specially built for the training industry that allows free connections between training seekers and training providers. Why aren’t there any services that connect trainers and trainees directly? How is it that we as corporate, until now didn’t think of creating a website to help connect trainers and trainees? In this Article, I’ll be providing you with answers to all your queries.

Utilizing the internet:

Ever wonder how everything has moved online these days? How in just a decade we have become entirely dependent on the internet. Hungry? Order food online. Searching for a house? Book online. Travelling? It’s online. From counting calories to Renting cars, there is a website for almost everything. Just a few days ago, I came across It is a site that takes you to- yes, you guessed it- a useless website. Pretty hilarious right?

My point being, while there are many websites of various corporate training companies, there were none who freely allowed corporate trainers and corporate learners to connect directly. Until Qtrainers.

Qtrainers saves your time and money by allowing you to connect with trainers of your choice. Qtrainers offers you a free and open platform without any middlemen. It saves you the money you would pay consulting firms for connecting you to a trainer. It brings together trainers and trainee and helps them identify each other based on requirements and skills. Thus, saving your time on searching trainers.

Need a soft skills trainer? Connect on Qtrainers. Need an IT trainer? Find them on Qtrainers. You may also compare trainers based on genuine reviews and ratings. This gives you a much broader idea of the effectiveness of the trainer. This reduces your efforts tremendously as now you don’t have to visit various websites and learn about the trainer through unreliable data.

You may enter your training requirements for the training you need and find someone that fits your criteria.

Technology has made everything easy, so why should corporate learners and companies compromise on quality services or suffer loss due to ineffective programs? An easy solution to all your problems, Qtrainers.

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