What are the expectations of a training session?

What are the expectations of a training session?

Training is one of the most important domains in any work culture. Training courses are ways of improving the effectiveness of the workforce and are also attractive benefits for ambitious people.


Training Management Software
  • Improves company  profitability due to an increase in employee productivity
  • Competitiveness in the workplace
  • Builds employee Morale
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Company reputation and profile

It is not untrue to state that training helps the overall development of the company. Therefore, Trainers should match exactly what the company requires, and in return, it shouldn’t be taken lightly by Trainees and any working professionals. while training is a widespread domain, it is difficult for it to live up to everyone’s expectations. Though training is always tailored to suit a company’s requirements, there are some general guidelines that remain common to all.

While we always expect the best out of any trainer and demand effective outputs, it is many times an uninterested audience that make the training session a failure. So we will analyse what makes for a good training session by figuring out both, the trainer’s and the trainee’s expectations.

Trainee’s expectation:

1. The trainer should be knowledgeable about the subject matter.

2. The trainer should be able to communicate, explain and illustrate concepts.

3. He/ She should be interactive and should encourage participation from the audience.

4. Training should be relevant to the requirements of the trainee’s.

5. Training should leave the audience feeling that it is beneficial and useful in their work.

Trainer’s expectations:

1. The audience should be active and willing to participate.

2. The audience should be in the right learning mindset and shouldn’t carry any of their personal worries to the training venue.

3. The audience should be punctual and disciplined.

4. The audience shouldn’t be forcefully assigned the training session but should rather be willing and be looking forward to it.

Qtrainers is a platform that allows you to provide ratings of the trainer, professionally, but it also lets the trainer rate his audience. This allows a healthy balance and an honest review system on both ends.


Mubashira Ahmed

Editor at Qtrainers

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