How Corporate Training can be a Solution to Ineffective Education?

When I started working, like most, in a haze of undeniable pride with well-earned scores, I learned a valuable truth. The truth that apart from coffee tasting like heaven only while you are in the office, what education has prepared me for all my life have been a trail of ineffective tactics that have little or no use in the corporate environment. Days into this reality hitting me like a splash of cold water, I come across an article saying, “Out of 8 lakh graduate engineers, 60 percent are jobless in India in 2017.” So, I looked deeper into this topic, and sure enough came across thousands of other articles and videos on the internet, all bashing this system that lacked any ability to do justice with a student’s brilliance.

Everyone talked in the similar tone of pointing out problems, and the sad thing was, they were all right. There is this colossal problem in the faulty education system, and it is hard to understand how such a broken organisation is allowed to work for years now without any change in its way of operating.

Instead of continuously finding faults in an inoperative administration, I decided to take a different route- To come up with solutions. In this article, I will tell you what we all, as corporate companies, can do to rectify these problems and help these brilliant students find the right path.

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The Problem:

The Anarchy Of Colleges

It is true that the tyrannical education system and its longevity has proven time and again to do more damage than good. Even the most brilliant among us are given little or no freedom to think outside the box. This is validated by the difficult and repugnant ways in which the colleges urge their students to spend hours behind written assignments and unpractical wrote learning, to pass a standardised test that forever ignores the student’s natural abilities.

The irony of standardised testing is that it limits diversity and variation in a person’s thoughts on the subject. So when we receive a batch of new graduates, fresh out of college, most of whom are all unique in their own rights but only understand the robotic-like quality of the subject they excel in, in the corporate environment, they fail. This brings me to my next point.

The Corporate Doctrine Of ‘Experienced Employees’

In the corporate environment, most of these college degree holders start to doubt themselves, and their abilities to make a difference among thousands of others aiming for the same thing. Therefore,  we get an entire generation of graduates working with lower self-esteem than the previous generation. In constant fear of doing something wrong and deemed unworthy. So, a corporate system waiting to achieve the best out of people ends up frustrated due to the lack-of-creativity.

What do we, as a corporate, do? Give up by declaring them a lost cause? We can’t always demand “experienced” employees, who worked 5 years in the field. Every person has to start from some place or the other. I wish the colleges did a better job, but they didn’t. So we have to help this amazing group of energetic people, ready to work and push them in the right direction. No matter how much we deny it or play the blame game for ineffective work staff, it is also our responsibility to transform these people into a productive driving workforce to help our organisation grow.  But there is a problem: Time. Training your employees to do a better job is time-consuming. Time that can rather be spent on the corporate progress that provides better outcomes for everyone. But there is a solution.

The Solution:

Hiring Corporate Trainers

Imagine you have one of the best software programmers in your company, he has years of experience, is very fast at what he does, and you decide to ask him to train the new recruits. In a month he fails to train them. He utilised the precious time that could have been used to get his work done. Instead, he worked extra hard and gave his best shot, but still, he failed. Does that mean that he is a bad programmer? Or He doesn’t know coding? Or doesn’t have appropriate knowledge? He is the best at what he does, remember? And that is precisely the point. He is the best software programmer, but he lacks the ability to train, to teach and to inspire. It’s not his fault he couldn’t train them in his field or inspire them to work extra hard. It’s just not something he is good at.

Why hiring trainers is essential? We can’t always count on our already overworked staff to take on the responsibilities of hundreds of new recruits coming every year. And we can’t rely on miracles to happen and people to learn an organisations way of work, effortlessly. This is where corporate training comes in. It makes sure to convey the message to your new recruits that they are amazing and creative enough to take on the responsibilities of your cooperation. It builds their self-esteem and communicates the organisation’s deeper purpose. Even Inspires to build camaraderie in the workplace.

The Right Fit

So we hire a corporate trainer that will do the job for us. Who will take up the responsibilities of training our employees and conveying the message we hold most dear to us. But there is a catch – How do we know that the trainer is effective? Or matches our requirements? Or even find one that is in our budget? As promised at the beginning of this article, I will be providing you with solutions.

We need to communicate better in what we require from our trainers. Corporate trainers usually know what the company is all about. They understand very clearly what our company does and have a pretty good idea of how we do things. But every company is unique. We all have different sets of ideology based on which we run the company. To anyone who has read the famous, Start With Why by Simon Sinek, the rule of the golden circle must be clear. Not only should the trainer know What you do and HOW you do it, but most importantly, you must tell him WHY you do WHAT you do. Your employees should resonate with your company’s WHY and must incorporate it into their work and time within your organisation. In this world of technology, all our efforts are minimised by a more practical solution. Qtrainers gives you an open platform to search, compare and connect with corporate trainers.

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