Why companies should offer Anti-Harassment or PoSH Training?

Workplace harassment training, PoSH Training, Anti-Harassment Training.

In a society in which “me too” movement and anti-harassment movements are finally being addressed, it is also the corporate world’s obligation to address these issues head-on.

The conventional, turning a blind eye on things is no longer a getaway for companies. There aren’t enough people standing up for what’s right, thus it becomes the duty of the organization to see that change is happening in a positive way.

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Change always starts with one person. One group. One organization. A small step in the direction that demands a million more. Anti-harassment training, what is more commonly known in India as PoSH Training, is one such step.

What is PoSH training?

PoSH training helps you identify and differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate behaviour at the workplace. It also educates you on the legalities and consequences of any inappropriate behaviour under the PoSH Act.

PoSH training provides a clear picture of not just what is but also what isn’t harassment. In order to have a secure and gender-neutral environment in the workplace, providing PoSH training to everyone from Top level management to employees and labours is imperative.

The entire fiasco about sexual harassment at the workplace is not just limited to the office space but can be extended outside, within the workforce. Also, with the advancement of social media and social connections, it is difficult to monitor each aspect. PoSH can serve as an educator to all about the ground rules of official relationships.

Who requires PoSH training?

Every working organization requires to conduct PoSH training at least once. The topic being sensitive is one that requires to be spoken about in a professional light now more than ever.

When companies offer Anti-Harassment training it isn’t implying that its employees are of a bad character who requires the training to function properly. This, on the contrary, means that the company and its employees are willing to take steps to maintain a healthy work environment. It also shows that the company is open about this discussion in a positive manner which puts employees at ease.

Why should PoSH training be conducted?

PoSH is necessary for many reasons but these three tops the list:

  1. To make employees aware of the established a set of policies that are meant to be followed at the workplace.
  2. To sensitize top-level management, managers and team lead on the gender equality. Promote a healthy environment that removes any confusions as to where lines should be drawn.
  3. Also to train the internal Committee on how to handle complains and resolve conflicts including confidentiality, Investigative reports and timelines of the reports.

Where can I find a PoSH trainer?

Qtrainers is a free platform connecting various trainers to those who require them one such being PoSH Trainers. The courses and their outlines can be viewed on Qtrainers and if the courses impress you, you may also contact the trainer by simply registering on the website. At no point of this entire process will Qtrainers ask you for any charges. You may talk to trainers of your choice free of cost, which is one of the most effective training organizing methods that won’t break your bank.

Anti-harassment training will be an important step for companies looking to avoid any mishappenings and maintaining a healthy work environment for all employees. All organizations should have the PoSH training in their agenda to ensure a smooth work environment.

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