3 Sales Tips Steve Jobs Gave Us

All his career, Steve Jobs enjoyed the unusual vantage point of being neither an engineer nor a techie. This was unlike cofounder Steve Wozniak or even Bill Gates, who were both invested in the development of their products. Job’s perspective was closer to that of a user rather than a developer of products. This unique perspective permitted Jobs to perform as a one-man product evaluation division. This combined with his single-minded focus, allowed him to understand how buyers were going to use products that Apple created, designed and manufactured.

In precise terms, Steve Jobs was a salesman who could see what drives sales and what doesn’t. Likewise, jobs trained his employees to notice from the perspective of what the users wanted and what would attract sales to the company. While preparing your employees for sales, you can follow these similar tips:

1. Understand The product

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Steve Jobs made sure that all his employees were using Apple products. This wasn’t due to the fact they were working for Apple, this was, in fact, more of a research and development program. He needed his employees to look at the products just like any customer would do. The usage on a daily basis of the product they were all creating, gave them ideas as to what can be changed to make the products more appealing. This makes the employees understand, what their USP is and what features are to be marketed.

2. Keep It Simple

“Simple can be harder than complex” – Steve Jobs. Look at any Apple product, it always has a sleek, elegant and simple design. Over time, this philosophy was not lost. Instead, it became Apple’s brand itself. Time and again the ideology of simplicity can be seen everywhere—especially when Steve Jobs hosted his presentations.

During all his product launch events, he can be seen using visual simplicity to keep his slides looking neat and clean. He then elaborates by telling the story or conveying information.
Sales should always be simple. It should forever be the most basic idea of your complex products. But simple is not simple. Simple is an art. Simple takes many tries and only with time does it truly become- Simple.

3. Keep Learning

“You have to be burning with ‘an idea, or a problem, or a wrong that you want to right.’ If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.” – Steve Jobs. Sales technique develops over time. Learning is a lifelong process. Your employees must first believe in the product they are selling. A true salesperson is a TRUE salesperson. Enroll your employees in a sales training program. You are going to get far more out of your employees by training them in the right way than you will by randomly throwing data at them without giving them the appropriate knowledge. Give them the time to learn, to ask questions, and to study. In fact, hire a professional sales trainer, and get them a personalised program.

If hiring corporate trainers is out of your company budget recommending books to your employees can be an excellent way for them to learn sales techniques. As even the fictional character, Tyrion Lannister says, “A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone.”

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