24th August – World Trainer’s Day

Trainers day - 24th August

Corporate industry has been around from a long time with the earliest records arriving from the 19th century during the victorian era.

Corporate training has been brining progress and development to the work place for ages now. It has been alive ever since corporate industry was born. It was not, however, recognised and recorded until the last five decades. While 1970s marked the start of corporate training as we know it, it only gained widespread recognition in the last two decades.

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At the heart of all this lies the corporate trainer. Resilient, dedicated and the onlooker of change. A trainer is the driving workforce of every learning and developing department. It is they who posses knowledge, and so the power to bring change.

From the more targeted roles trainers take on, like creating work related technical understanding in various fields, motivating staff to achieve more, bringing the new rules of leadership to life, improving inter-departmental engagement for positive productivity, providing a guiding hand when stakes are high and the work is stressful, to being a support system for those lagging behind, trainers do it all.

Not to mention the other end of the spectrum, a trainer’s role in shaping the corporate society. Creating understanding between management and the working staff. To be able to bridge the gaps between stake holders and the operating staff of the company they preside over. To be able to provide smooth transition in change of management.

So how is it that we haven’t been paying this vast industry the attention it deserves?

We remember celebrating days for all those who make a difference in this world and uplift society. From celebrating labour’s day to international football day, we have a designated day for all that we love. But only little are we aware that 24th August is Trainer’s Day.

In 2018, Qtrainers is taking up an initiative to spread the awareness of the Trainer’s Day, and bring it to light. Our aim, is to make every trainer – Associated, Freelance, or In-house – feel valued and proud to be a trainer.

A lecturer, a guru, a teacher, a general, a trainer… 24th August, Wish them all.

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